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Update: The album has been released.

Fans have been waiting for Kanye West to drop his new album Jesus is King since its supposed original release date in early September, and after multiple delays, Yeezus promised that at midnight on October 25 fans would finally get to hear the sweet, sweet sound of Kanye praising the Lord.

But the album never dropped, and instead Kanye sent out a Tweet saying that three songs haven't been completed. 

Fans were obviously upset, and took to Twitter to express their distress over their lack of Yeezus praising Jesus that was supposed to bless their timeline. Some fans were funny, others were far more serious in their outrage.

There's not yet any news of when the album will be dropped, but according to Kanye the songs "Follow God," "Everything We Need," and "Water" are still being worked on. 

Some fans are hoping the album will be dropped at some point in the next few hours, but Kanye has yet to comment beyond one of his producers tweeting that one song has allegedly been completed. 

Ultimately, the lack of album paired with Kanye's recent move of banning the Jesus Is King crew from having premarital sex isn't exactly putting the star on the Yeezus level fans expect.