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Karma Rx has been working in the porn industry for a little over a year and a half. With an XBIZ award for Best New Starlet, Karma Rx says she has been watching porn for as long as she can remember.

“My first scene was technically with Ramon Nomar for Reality Kings, and it was amazing,” Karma Rx said. “I remember cumming like 15 times and I was like, ‘Yep, I’m gonna do porn now.’ Nothing about it was awkward or uncomfortable for me. To me, porn just made sense.”

Michael Grecco Photography

Michael Grecco Photography

Making the leap into porn was an impulsive decision for Karma Rx. “I’ve lived my entire life doing what I want all the time,” Karma Rx says. “If one day I want to do something else, I will.”

Karma Rx is proud of the videos she features in, and says she tries to give “110 percent in every scene.” To prep for a scene, the self-proclaimed “filthy fuckslut” says she washes her “vagina, or ass — or both — depending on the scene.” She brushes her teeth, “and then bangs.”

When performing, Karma Rx doesn’t necessarily have off-limit sexual acts. “Maybe scat or puke,” she says, laughing. “But what I’ll do with one performer I might not be comfortable doing with another performer. I like to go with the general chemistry that is already present in the room with the specific person, or people, I am working with, and take it from there.”

Her favorite kinks involve cuckold scenes and any kind of psychological play. “I have a limp fetish, as in limp bodies... either mine or someone else’s. I like any kind of sleeping porn,” she said. “Anything sexual can be fun for me. I like when people are genuinely into whatever we are doing.”

Michael Grecco Photography

Michael Grecco Photography

Karma Rx says “a performer stands out when they are genuine and very much into sex.” She adds, “Some people are good at porn and some people are good at sex. Very rarely someone is good at both. They stand out to me.”

Karma Rx’s overall take-away from her job is that “it’s not for everyone.” She also wishes that people understood that “porn is not reality.”

“There is a difference between fantasy and what is acceptable in the real world. Sometimes I worry about how things I shoot could be viewed or replicated,” she said.

As for changes in the adult film industry, Karma Rx highlights that she would “like to see a few more boundaries.” She said, “Some of the things or scenarios that are considered normal are really crossing a line morally.”

Karma Rx’s stage name contains “my past, my identity, my beliefs, and my world views.” She originally got the nickname when she was in a psychiatric facility when she was a kid, because she used to say, ‘I am the karma,’ rather than waiting for karma to catch up with people. She says, “Now it is more about striving to treat everyone exactly as they deserve to be treated, based solely on their current actions.” As ‘Rx’ “is a play on prescription,” because she believes our “personal karma is not something we get to choose,” Karma Rx says. “[Personal karma] is prescribed and earned based on our actions.”

Michael Grecco Photography

Michael Grecco Photography

While also serving as a drug reference, as she had crippling addictions growing up, Karma Rx adds that “if you add an ‘L’ between the ‘Kar’ and the ‘Marx’ you get Karl Marx, as the theory pertains to anarchism, rather than communism.”

While Karma Rx’s name holds multifaceted meanings, she says her tattoos do not hold any hidden significance. “Most of my tattoos were the artists’ creations. I’d just walk in and tell them ‘draw me something,’” she said.

A lot of her ink is done by Jesse Estrada in Simi Valley, and includes work from Rick Sutherland from Clear Vision in Moorpark, as well as a couple of female artists at Kathouse in Northridge.

While Karma Rx’s favorite part about her job is that she gets to do what she loves — and gets paid for it — her passion comes with a price.

“Whatever small part of me that was able to be a part of society before porn, I have lost. People I’ve known for years treat me differently. I can’t really make new friends,” she said. “Only a very small number of people still see and treat me like a human.”

She says the hardest part of her line of work involves “keeping the balance.”

“I think in this industry especially, it is imperative to balance sex with love, work with play, and fabricated intimacy with genuine intimacy,” she said. “For every 13 strange dicks, I need a hug.”