Kash Doll has released her first full length album with record label Republic Records that has a total of 17 songs with six features.

Arkeisha Antoinette Knight- AKA Kash Doll- features Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Teyana Taylor, and more in her latest album Stacked. It’s the rapper’s first full-length album, but she’s already known for her bops like Ice Me Out which was released in 2018. She’s been featured on albums with Big Sean, and she’s toured with the likes of Meek Mill- she’s been in the rap game far longer than this album. But her flow is just as fresh as any newcomer on the block, and this album perfectly highlights Knight’s lyrical prowess.

Keisha grew up in Detroit and faced unique struggles from the beginning with Knight’s father died on her first birthday. Knight is the oldest of six children, so according to her biography she had to help her mother support her siblings with various odd jobs. Without social media, Kash Doll claims she would have struggled even more to make a name for herself in the rap industry since it was so hard to post her covers without platforms taking them down. 


Stacked shines a bright light on the word-flow that Knight is praised for from the very first song KD Diary. It offers a deeper look into Kash Doll- exposing her softer side that fans haven't seen much of before, KD.