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Throughout most of 2018, Kat Von D celebrated the pregnancy of his first child with husband Rafael Reyes. And in December, the 36-year-old tattoo icon gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Leafar. 


After giving birth, Von D was quick to share some of the challenges she'd experienced adjusting to motherhood with her fanbase on social media. One of those challenges was producing breast milk, with Von D hiring a woman to help out during the first few days. However, Von D has since adjusted to breast feeding and shared a video of herself to share her progress to social media.

On the post, a fan commented by saying "I may never be able to have a baby (I've miscarried twice) but seeing this is beautiful and makes me cry happy tears!" Von D was quick to encourage the follower by sharing publicly that she'd miscarried twice while trying to conceive with her husband before having her first baby. 


Von D has proven that she's extremely open with sharing her trials and tribulations in motherhood over social media and her influence has the potential to make a huge difference for young women. What do you think about her candid confession about miscarrying, not once but twice? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions on this story in the comments section on Facebook.