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On November 29th of 2018, tattoo artist and makeup mogul Kat Von D gave birth to her first child, Leafar Von Drachenberg Reyes, with husband Prayers. Since then, Von D has dedicated her personal Instagram page to update her fans on her journey through motherhood, candidly sharing both the highs and lows. From struggles with breastfeeding to adorable baby photos, Von D has invited her followers to be part of her family through constant updates.

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On March 1st, Von D uploaded a video showing off a baby gift that had been given to her by a fellow tattoo artist. The post showed Von D opening a coffin-shaped box and revealing a goth-inspired bat teddy bear with a touching hand-written note. The note reads:

"To Leafar Von D Reyes

'Fu' is a bat

Perfectly balanced black and white

Represents good fortune, day and night!

-Lil Castle"

The gift was given by tattoo artist and designer Castle Basas. Based in both Cala Basas, California and NYC, Basas is known for creating extraordinary blackwork tattoos, many of which feature gothic cityscapes. 

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