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While Kat Von D Beauty is known for an array of makeup products, one of her all-time best sellers is her tattoo liner. And as someone who has tried liquid eyeliners from Mac, NYX, Stila, and more—I can honestly say it's my favorite eyeliner on the market. You can always count on the KVD liner to be an opaque matte black and the applicator makes it easy to apply a precise cat eye. However, despite its many positive reviews, many customers have shared their concerns with the beloved beauty product.

Several days ago, a KVD customer shared a shocking photo of her eyeliner and inferring that the beauty mogul was masquerading a sample size liner within a full-size pen. The post quickly went viral on Facebook and led to many other users sharing their concerns with the beauty essential.  

kvd liner

This post caused a number of other KVD customers to investigate their liners and many realized that the ink cartridges were similar in size between the $20 full-size and $10 travel sized products.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 10.55.49 AM

However, it wasn't long before Kat Von D herself chimed in to address the criticism. On her personal Instagram page, Von D set the record straight by explaining the different volumes of product in her full-size and travel size liners.

"The cartridges in both full size liners and mini liners are the same — it’s the amount of product inside each cartridge that is different. So, for example, the product fill on our full size Tattoo Liner is 0.55 ml, while the product fill for the mini is 0.2 ml - thats over DOUBLE the amount of product! Any brand who has an eyeliner with similar component on the market will tell you the same thing. You need that much cartridge space for the pigment to flow out."

What do you think about this eyeliner scandal? Do you side with Kat Von D after hearing her side of the story? What's your favorite eyeliner? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and questions on this story in the comments section on Facebook.