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You may have seen Precious Moments porcelain figurines in your grandmothers’ home. They have been occupying shelves since 1978, and creating an unintentionally creepy vibe for collectors everywhere. However, artist Keith Busher is helping the Precious turn Eery, transforming these soulless figurines into a wonderfully horrific nightmare.

His project page, Precious Mutations, displays the transformation with a side by side, where angel faces are turned into American Horror Story monsters, and friendly dogs morph into blood-sucking spiders.

“It began about seven years ago now, as the father of two kids who watched entirely too many TV reruns,” Busher said to Apartment Therapy. “I wanted to find something to spark their childish imagination.”

Busher uses self-hardening clay and mostly recycled materials to take the figurines go from cute to terrifying. On his YouTube channel, he shows the process.

Initially, Keith wasn’t going to transform the porcelain figurines in this way, because he didn’t want to upset anyone. But he found an antique shop that was getting rid of a box of Precious Moments, so Busher went full force to create these amazing demons.

His wonderfully horrific creations are available for purchase on Etsy, and make a great stocking stuffer, or as a gift to your creepy self.