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By and large, kids are not welcome in most tattoo shops. There's a variety of reasons for this rule. First and foremost, tattoo shops are filled with delicate and breakable things. Second, tattoo shops often host language that's not appropriate for young ears. Third, tattoos can take hours to complete and young children can get rowdy when expected to stay still for long periods of time. And last but not least, many shops are 18+ to prevent minors from getting inked under age.


However, shops may make exceptions, depending on the cause. A tattoo shop recently opened in Spokane, Washington that markets itself as kid friendly. The concept of a kiddy corner began when one of the artists wanted to entertain his own child, setting up a television with video games and a space to color. It's since attracted clients with young children, who can get inked without worrying about a babysitter.

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What do you think about the concept of a kid friendly tattoo shop? Would you bring your youngsters to a tattoo appointment? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.