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Over the course of 14 regular seasons, six seasons of all-stars and more international seasons that we can keep track of, we've seen plenty of solid friendships emerge from the Drag Race franchise. For example, Trixie Mattel and Katya became extremely close while filming season 7 and to this day they continue to host the "UNHhhh" series on YouTube. However, Kornbread "The Snack" Jeté and Willow Pill of season 14 may take the cake.

Jeté and Pill met as contestants, with the former based in Los Angeles and the latter based in Denver. Jeté started off strong in the competition, earning the very first win of the season during the talent show. However, Jeté sustained an injury and had to self-eliminate during the beginning of episode 5.

Jeté was not showed audiences her talent, but we got a peek of her budding friendship with Pill. During episode 3, the queens were tasked with creating an original garment for the ball challenge and this challenge helped to strengthen Jeté and Pill's friendship. Jeté showcased her congeniality by helping Pill, who suffers from a kidney disease called cystinosis. 

Fans were devastated when Jeté departed from the show, partly because they'd miss seeing her friendship grow with Pill. However, on March 2nd, Jeté showed audiences that she and Pill were closer than ever, debuting a huge tattoo homage to the Denver queen. 

"You’ve heard of Pillow on a bed?! Here’s Willow on the Bread :)," says Kornbread of her new thigh tattoo. "@willowpillqueen in such a short time you’ve changed my outlook on life. I know we both hate being mushy queer folks but I want you to know I admire your resilience! And now you get to smell my sweaty lady testicles after my gigs since you’re on my thigh! Thank you @shain_tattoos for helping this vision come to life! You’re a dream!!!
Is you HUNGRY?! Cuz bitch I’m BAKED!!"

Jeté's new tattoo was crafted by Shain Allen of Seattle, Washington. Pill herself commented on the tattoo on Instagram, writing "OMG! I love you so so much, Demoria! 🌽 💊 ❤️" Other season 14 queens have also praised the piece, such as Kerri Colby, Daya Betty, Orion Story, June Jumbalaya and Deja Skye. 

What do you think of Kornbread "The Snack" Jeté's new tattoo? Who are you rooting for this season on "RuPaul's Drag Race?" Let us know in the comments section on social media.