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The historic lore of Krampus has been having a moment in media, and people seem to love the idea of a demon Santa who snatches up and beats all the naughty children. Oh, you didn't know what Krampus was? Well, that's it. 

Via Wikipedia

Via Wikipedia

Krampus is the demon from Central Europe who comes and whips all the naughty kids before taking them to hell- Krampusnacht is the night which he comes to punish him. On December fifth, the scary goat-man runs through the streets grabbing kids and hitting them with sticks. Sometimes he's even pictured with Saint Nicholas, like some weird, violent good cop- bad cop duo.  

And with all things that are creepy and weird, people have a lot of tattoos of Krampus. I mean, what better way to celebrate not getting taken to hell by demon-Santa than to get a tattoo of him? 

Krampus actually has nothing to do with Christmas or Christianity, but is rooted in Paganism. Krampus was even banned by the Catholic church for some time, but the punishment party couldn't be stopped and Krampus kept coming. Now, people dress like the demon in order to scare away winter and basically have their own little halloween block party in December. There's lights, people in Krampus costumes, and kids sometimes even get poked with a stick or two. 

Would you get a Krampus tattoo? Or is the thought of a demon who beats naughty children too intense for your skin?