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After fighting to a draw back in August 2018, KSI and Logan Paul got back in the ring and this time there was a winner, but that's not to say that the fight wasn't still filled with controversy. 

KSI was awarded the victory in a split decision after six rounds of seesaw action. The rounds appeared to be evenly split between the two, with KSI coming out strong, wavering in the middle rounds and then grabbing a second wind towards the finish.  But it was a two-point deduction against Paul that ended up being the deciding factor. 

In the Fourth Round, Paul was landing some massive shots against KSI, including an uppercut that sent the British YouTuber to the canvas. As he fell, Paul appeared to hold his head and deliver another punch, a clear violation of the rules. The referee caught this and issued a two-point deduction against Paul. In the end, that was enough to tip the scales to KSI. 

Unsurprisingly, Paul took umbrage to the deduction and believes that he should have won the fight. Joining him in this belief is his pal Justin Bieber. After the fight, Bieber, who had walked out to the ring with Paul, stated that "Logan was the better fighter. Period," according to TMZ.

In the end, the outcome probably isn't all that important. Both fighters made a ton of money, each raking in $900,000, and their fans were pleased to watch the two personalities sock each other in the face for a couple of rounds. If there were to be a rematch, and in boxing there is always a rematch, one guesses that the controversial decision will definitely help make the argument for one. 

And honestly, wouldn't you like to see these two punch each other in the face at least a couple more times?