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The infamous Logan Paul is once again stepping into the ring with British gaming Youtuber KSI, and things are already getting heated. In the pre-game face-off KSI pushed Paul, while the crowd cheered "Logan Paul."

Though Paul didn't retaliate, the two exchanged heated words about the match. KSI said "This camp has pushed me to the edge. I’ve never worked so hard in my life. Mentally, I’ve reached a new level. I’m not afraid to get hit. Logan, I’m ready to f**k you up." Paul commented on KSI saying, "I’ve said everything I need to say. JJ’s got a big heart, we know that, a big ego... Should it go the distance, I will be ready."

This will be the second time that Paul and KSI face each other in the ring, with the first fight in 2018 ending in a majority draw between the two. The Paul brothers have participated in multiple boxing matches, and have serious beef with KSI due to their former match outcomes. It can be assumed that these matches were a way for the Paul brother's to quickly save face after showing a video of a dead body, as the first boxing match came quickly after the Suicide Forest video went viral. It's obvious that the fight is for publicity, but it's still kind of fun to watch cocky kids get rocked.