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I don't know about you, but I often sit around and wonder what Nirvana's eighth album would have sounded like, fully knowing it's a hypothetical that will never be answered. After three and a half nearly perfect studio albums (I refuse to consider "Incesticide" a full album since half the songs are covers) and an MTV Unplugged recording, Nirvana ceased to be when Kurt Cobain's suicide. 

An entire generation remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news that Cobain had passed away. I was in eighth grade on a school trip in Paris. We turned on the TV after a day of sightseeing and multiple channels were showing Nirvana videos, I thought it was pretty rad that the random networks were showing the same stuff you needed cable for in the States. Then, just after showing the video for "Heart Shaped Box," a photo of Cobain came on the screen with the dates 1967-1994 printed underneath. I didn't even need to call on my remedial knowledge of the French language to know that the broadcasters were saying after that. 

While Cobain may have left this world far too soon, the music he made will last forever, just like the tattoos you'll find in the gallery below.