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Little monsters rejoice, because our mother has dropped her "new" single. That's right—mother monster, Lady Gaga, has released single "Stupid Love" in lieu of her new album that's been in the works for quite a while now. Of course, many of us have already listened to the now-deleted leaked single—but the official single announcement ignites many fans with a curiosity that can't be quenched by leaked music. 

Lady Gaga announced the release of "Stupid Love" via Twitter with a neon pink billboard with some juicy looking lips. This is Gaga's first solo album since 2016, and though Gaga has kept the album name under tight wraps, someone did manage to leak "Stupid Love" last month. Her last album release was her participation in the soundtrack for the film "A Star Is Born," which she also starred in as the lead female role.

In regards to the new album, there's little more available than speculation on small hints Gaga may have dropped. The RollingStone explains that the album is possibly titled Chromatica, and possibly will be inspired by "bright colors" that can be found on album advertising and of course in Gaga's makeup line. Until the official title announcement, the album is simply being called "LG6" by media outlets and fans.

The new single promises to move listeners, as does all of Gaga's work. Fans have been obsessed with Gaga and her iconic support of queer culture from the start, making her face a regularly requested portrait tattoo in shops all around. She inspires fans and provides many of them with a reminder that they are loved in this world.

It's probably pretty easy to decide to get a Gaga tattoo after seeing the number of lewks she turns out and how gorgeous her facial structure is.

What do you think of "Stupid Love?" Seeing hearts or completely hate it? Do you like the new direction Gaga is pushing, or do you miss the country pop?