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Ladybugs, also known as coccinellidae, are one of the most recognizable insects on the planet. They're relatively small in size, ranging from 0.8 to 18 mm. In North America, they're commonly referred to as ladybugs, however, in the United Kingdom they're known as ladybirds. 

One of the biggest misconceptions of ladybugs comes from their name. Although they're often mistaken for bugs, they're not true bugs. Instead, they're part of the beetle family. There are a staggering 5,000 different species of ladybugs found worldwide. The most familiar species is the seven-spotted ladybug, also known as the coccinella septempuctata. They're known for their shiny red shell that contains seven black spots. Other fascinating species of ladybugs include the twenty-two spot ladybird, the Asian ladybeetle, the large leaf-eating ladybird, the three-striped ladybird and the transverse ladybird. 

One of the most famous depictions of a ladybug in film comes from 1998's "A Bug's Life." This Disney/Pixar film tells the story of an ant who brings together a rag-team of circus bugs to defend his home from a group of grasshoppers. One of these circus bugs is a Ladybug named Francis, who is small, aggressive and is frequently mistaken for a female. He's voiced by Denis Leary, who also voiced Diego in the "Ice Age" franchise. 

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