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Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball entered the NBA with a couple tattoos on his wrist. Shortly after, he joined brother LiAngelo Ball to the tattooed gang.

Their father, LaVar Ball, is openly opposed to tattoos. Especially when the ink is on his sons.

In an episode of Ball in the Family, LaVar saw LiAngelo’s torso ink on a spa day in Lithuania. LaVar said, “The fool went crazy and drew all over his body. You know I don’t like tattoos, so I guess when we get back home, you got somewhere else to stay because I ain’t letting you stay in my house with that all over your chest. Because I told you if you living in my presence, you better live my way.”

LaVar and LiAngelo’s body-art battle is no longer 1 v 1. Especially with Lonzo coming into the season with a right sleeve— and most recently— an incredibly badass gorilla.

The injured guard got inked by tattoo artist Herchell L. Carrasco. While Ball is sidelined since he suffered his ankle injury in January, he has plenty of time to properly heal his newest piece.

While LaVar is hoping he will stop his sons' further tattoo sessions, we are hoping he doesn't go ape sh*t on Lonzo.