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Shortly before everything was shut down, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson went out and got a massive chest tattoo. 

The tattoo was done by Lesly St. Clou—more commonly known as Ace—at a private location in Florida. In the Instagram post, Ace seems to hint that the tattoo might still have a little work left to be done, and that a documentary might be coming out soon. 

Let's break down the tattoo in three simple steps. 

1. The tattoo celebrates three things—faith, family and football.

It should not come as a surprise that Jackson, the reigning NFL MVP, would get a tattoo related to his love of the game. Family seems to be the most important element of the three, if we had to guess. Not only is "Family" written in large script at the top of the tattoos, but the scroll at the bottom seems to contain the names of his mother (Felicia), his father (Lamar) and his own nickname (Truzz). Which brings us to...

2. Jackson is currently trying to trademark his nickname.

In January, Jackson filed for a trademark for the word, Truzz. Teammate Mark Ingram originally gave Jackson the nickname, spelled thusly—Truss. But a fast moving entrepreneur swiped the trademark out from under Jackson. So he changed the spelling. 

This is all a long way to say that we here at Inked really, really hope that Jackson submits his chest tattoo as evidence that he should own the trademark. Perhaps while marching into a courtroom and ripping his shirt off, kind of like the scene in "Miracle on 34th Street" with all the letters to Santa. 

3. Jackson better not get traded or leave in free agency.

The most notable thing about the tattoo has to be the enormous, purple wings that serve as the background. As long as Jackson is a Baltimore Raven, these look cool. We dig 'em. But what if he becomes a Pittsburgh Steeler? Or a Charger? Or, God help us all, a Patriot? Players don't often stick with one team for their whole career these days. Even Tom Brady left New England. In a strange parallel to the previous point, Brady is also filing for weird trademarks for "Tompa Bay" and "Tampa Brady," but as of right now he's too much of a coward to get either phrase tattooed. 

We just shudder to think about the amount of laser removal that Jackson would have to get done should he leave Baltimore acrimoniously. Perhaps he should have gone with red wings to honor the bird of his alma matter, the  Louisville Cardinal. 

But for now, with Jackson redefining the quarterback position as a Baltimore Raven, the tattoo is quite fitting and awesome.