Mr. Universe-awarded Lee Priest is a prominent bodybuilding figure. While Mike Tyson might have always taken the crown for infamously tribal-face-tattooed athlete, Tyson’s spot is even more assured, as Priest is getting his face ink removed.

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Lee Priest has also been known to do as he pleases, within the fitness community, but especially in the realm of body art. While the Aussie bodybuilder has shown he isn’t shy to push the body’s boundaries, his new change proves he can withstand any pain.

While tattoos might not run in the Priest family, bodybuilding and fitness has. The 47-year-old’s mother was also a bodybuilding competitor, and has posed with Priest onstage. Priest started training at 12-years-old with the help and support of his grandfather. Competing for the first time at 13, he won, only to go on to win numerous other competitions, including World's Championship at 17-years-old. Mr. Australia is also an avid racing enthusiast and champion race car driver and has done some TV and movie work. He did all the bodywork for The Hulk Movie and also for the video game. He has also appeared a local Australian TV series, Rescue Special Ops.

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Priest continues to prove how well-rounded he is, as he joined MuscleSport Magazine in 2014 and began writing a monthly column online and in their print magazine.

The 5'4" man’s arms measure at 24 inches, with a chest of 58” and a waist of 30". His quads, bigger than his waist, are measured at 30.5", with a competition weight of 196 - 205 lbs.