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We're only given so much space on our body to tattoo and planning is imperative. And honestly, there's nothing better than a planned out leg sleeve. Just like you can get a sleeve on your arm, you can also get one on your leg. Leg sleeves are a huge canvas for your artist to get creative and the design potential is virtually limitless. You can go classic with a patchwork American traditional sleeve or go for a fully saturated Japanese design. Or you can go contemporary with a bold and colorful realism piece or a totally out of this world surrealism work of art. There's really no way to go wrong!

We know that planning a tattoo, a leg sleeve no less, can be stressful. That's why, we're here to help. We've gathered together 75 (that's right, we went there) of our favorite leg sleeves from some of the most talented and unique tattoo artists from around the world—just for you. That way, you can figure out which direction to go in with your next piece. Take a look at these impressive tattoos in the gallery below, then let us know your favorite artist feature in this list in the comments section on social media.