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What track are you most excited about from “Baddie Vibez?”

I’m excited about the title track, “Baddie Vibez.” Personally, I think it’s a radio smash! It’s also the story of my transition into an edgier and more bold version of myself that I had to hold back before because of what I was expected to be. “Baddie Vibez” is me finally coming into my own, and I’ve never felt so good about where I’m at.

Since you’ve built quite the following by twerking, what’s the best track from the album for twerking?

“Hot Girl.” “Hot Girl” is definitely the twerk track.

Can you tell us about your first tattoo? 

My first tattoo was “love” in Farsi, it’s on the inside of my wrist. My father brought me to a tattoo artist in the Hollywood Hills. He has the exact same one, and my grandmother who passed away also has it on her tombstone, so it’s a dear symbol for our family.

Photos by Travis Shinn

Photos by Travis Shinn

How do you find the time for so many different side hustles?

There are no side hustles—it’s all hustle! All of my businesses and endeavors are my life and I love what I do. I put full energy into everything. My next project is Baddie Blunt Rings ;)

Can you tell us how you came to love Patron so much?

There’s got to be a story there... I just like tequila. Straight shots! But what I really like is weed. The story behind “Patron” is that it’s the song of my quarantine! Things get really interesting when you’re stuck in the house with shots of Patron, so it inspired me to write this song.

What’s it like to be releasing party music when all of the world desperately wants to be able to party? 

This song should be an inspiration to turn up in the house! We have to make the most of the situation we’re in, so why not bring the party indoors? All you need is alcohol, good music, maybe in my case a strip pole, and you’re good to go.

Tell us the difference between Lexy Panterra and “Virgin Lex.”

There is no difference—she is all one. But Virgin Lex is the born-again, virgin me, without everyone else’s input. This is who Lexy always has been, and we’re bringing it back to the beginning and shedding all the bullshit.

What’s something you do that your fans would never have guessed? 

I do my own nails! I constantly switch them out. I have a nail salon in my house and I do them myself. Desperate times, so I learned! I have my own decals coming out and they’re going to be epic.

Do you ever miss riding motocross? 

Yes, absolutely I miss riding. I think I just want to get the nostalgia back of what it felt like when I used to ride.

What’s the sexiest tattoo you have?

On my upper left rib cage (right under my boob), and it says “This love hurts.” My ex-boyfriend and I got matching ones.

Photos by Travis Shinn

Photos by Travis Shinn