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In honoring of Liam Payne's upcoming 26th birthday on August 29th, we're celebrating the talented Brit with a tour of his many tattoos. Like his former band mates of One Direction, Payne has accumulated an impressive collection of tattoos. Take a look at his epic ink in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.

"L" and "P" on Hands

Payne has the letters "L" and "P" on each of his hands, which likely stand for his name.

Roman Numerals, "We are the Quiet One" Skull and Roses, "29," "Only Time Will Tell" on Right Forearm, Eagle on Right Hand

The roman numerals on his arm are a tribute to his audition numbers on the UK X Factor. Payne collected the skull and roses from Daniel at Rising Dragon Tattoo in NYC. The "29" signifies his birthday. The script on his wrist was inked by Steve Richardson of London after his breakup in 2012. The flying eagle on his hand is a tribute to One Direction and Payne collected it on his 22nd birthday.

Rose on Left Hand, Roses and Eye on Left Forearm, "4" on Finger

Payne has three black-and-grey roses on his left hand. In his left sleeve, Payne has roses and a female eye on his forearm. Payne also has the number 4 inked on his finger for One Direction.

Knight's Helmet, Family Crest, Filigree and Skull on Left Arm

Payne's left sleeve was tattooed by Nikko Hurtado and the top part symbolizes his family.

Arrows on Right Forearm

Payne has four "V" arrows on his right forearm, which he admitted to regretting later on.

Watch and Gears on Left Forearm

On the inside of Payne's left sleeve, he has a watch and gears. The watch is stopped at 11:56 and was tattooed by Nikko Hurtado.


On the back of his left arm, Payne has the date 1993 tattooed—the year he was born.

"Everything I wanted but nothing I'll ever need" on Left Forearm

During an interview with DJ Scott Mills, Payne explained this tattoo by saying:

It’s basically that obviously we’ve got a lot of things from doing this and stuff, and there are things that I want, but all I ever need is my family and these four boys right here.”


Cross on Right Ankle

This was Payne's first tattoo, which he got with the other members of One Direction.


Feather, Hieroglyphics, "I figured it out," Stars, "Somewhere is a place that nobody knows" on Right Forearm

In an interview with ABC's Nightline, Payne explained his feather tattoo by sharing:

“The feather was a thing when I was a kid we used to find feathers around the house and whenever we found them my mum used to say it was my nan leaving them around for us to find”

The hieroglyhphics spell of Payne's first name. The "I figured it out" script is a line from one of One Direction's songs. The stars were revealed during the music video for One Direction's "Perfect." During One Direction's tour of South America, Payne got the phrase "Somewhere is a place that nobody knows" inked on his forearm.

What do you think of Payne's tattoo collection? Does he have the best ink in One Direction? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.