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Lil' Bub was a weird, tiny kitten loved by most internet users, whom sadly passed away on December First. Bub's bestie and caretaker, Mike Bridavsky, posted the news along with his first and last photos of Bub and a long caption saying how special the tiny cat is to him and the world. 

According to Wikipedia, Lil Bub suffered from feline dwarfism- making the kitten difficult for her rescuer to adopt out when she was first found as a stray. Bridavsky ended up taking the kitten after his friend told him about the difficulties of adopting her out due to her "creepy looks" and the cat "looking like a fart personified." She also suffered from a bone infection- but despite this, her death was unexpected and saddens literally everyone on the internet. 

This small kitten managed to touch and change lives- so much so that people who never even met her are having her derpy little face tattooed on their bodies. From Bub's acts of charity, to her simply walking across the room- the cat managed to bring a smile to the face of everyone around her. 

Bub and her tattoos encompassed a weird that people could relate to, and seemed to make people feel better about their quirky selves. She was a unique little cat who attracted a unique- yet giant- audience, and managed to bring out the best in the people around her. It seems that the thing people are taking from her life is simple- live and let live, love and let love. 

Would you get a pet tattooed on you?