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This generation’s pop rap icon Lil Nas X finally bit the bullet and got his first tattoo—an Aries sign on his right wrist inspired by his debut album “Montero.”

The post is captioned “juh got my first tattoo” with the location set as Barcelona, Spain, one of Lil Nas’s stops on his current Long Live Montero Tour. In the first slide, the rapper is seen getting the tattoo in a lively green puffer jacket, looking as if he’s either belting the chorus to “Industry Baby,” letting out a big yawn or about to poop his pants from the pain. Although it’s done in black ink, the symbol is shaded in an iridescent style to mirror the chrome aesthetic of the album.

The 23-year-old singer and rapper has forged a unique path to fame that is not only rightfully deserved, but a quintessential product of our time. Anybody who has dipped a finger in pop culture in the past three years knows the song “Old Town Road,” which blew up as a popular sound on TikTok well before it hit the charts.

A lot of people were quick to write off Lil Nas X as a one-hit-wonder after the success of “Old Town Road.” However, it’s clear that the rapper has proven the skeptics wrong by miles. His debut album spawned multiple U.S. Billboard Hot 100 hits including “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” and “Thats What I Want,” as well as “Industry Baby” which peaked at number 1 in October 2021.

Being that our wrists are full of nerves and possess thinner skin, a first tattoo in this spot is a bold choice. However, the more painful process marks a deeper sign of strength, and its highly visible placement ensures that you’ll see it multiple times a day, and others will easily catch it upon every encounter.

Aside from the record being a massive commercial success, it dove deep into the depths of the artist’s failed relationships, insecurity and trauma regarding his sexuality, and glory of overcoming all the obstacles he faced to reach the point he’s at now. It’s understandable that he’d want to wear a piece of it on his skin for the rest of his life. Who knows, maybe this’ll launch the start of a beautiful sleeve. With all the potential the artist has for the rest of his career, we can’t wait to see how his achievements manifest in ink next.