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Like many rappers who came up on SoundCloud, Lil Pump has a pretty unusual tattoo collection. Despite only being 19-years-old, Pump is covered in tattoos and sports many on his face, neck and hands. His collection is a reflection of who he is, from brightly colored cartoons to seemingly random symbols to the initials "LLJ"—which are an homage to rapper XXXTentacion that he tattooed himself.

Over the weekend, fans suspected that Pump may be sporting a new tattoo, which reads "Dade County" across his stomach. The area surrounding the tattoo did look slightly red and he'd also shaved around the tattoo.

Dade county is a reference to Miami-Dade county, where Lil Pump grew up. While he was a teenager, Pump was introduced to rapper Smokepurpp through his cousin and began rapping on SoundCloud shortly after. Pump is currently residing in a Miami Beach mansion, worth an estimated $4.65 million.

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