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Despite just turning 19-years-old, rapper Lil Pump already has 25 tattoos. And of these tattoos, the majority are on his face and neck. Whether you love his ink or you hate it, everyone can admit that his collection is 100% over the top. Take a look at our rundown of Lil Pump's growing tattoo collection and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.

Tom, Four Pointed Star, Five Pointed Star, Red Spade, UFO on Face

Lion Head with Two Arrows on Neck

Alien, "17," Rocket on Face

Power Puff Girls, Globe on Neck

Wolf, "LLJ," Fairly Odd Parents on Arm

Frowny Face on Face

Flaming Skulls, Kanji on Throat

Skull with Crown, Pineapple on Right Arm

Skull and Crossbones on Hand

Cartoon Portrait, "Esskeetit" on Left Arm

Gucci Logo on Chest

Pablo Escobar Portrait on Left Arm

Darth Vader on Right Arm