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Everyone wants kissable lips, especially on the most romantic day of the year—Valentine's Day! However, not everyone is born with a Kardashian worthy pout. But, there's hope.

Lip blushing is one of the fastest growing types of permanent makeup, allowing women (and men!) to have their dream lips. Lip blushing is very similar to eyebrow microblading, as pigments are packed into the lips using tattoo techniques.

Lip blushing has many different appeals, from changing the shape of the lips to reintroducing youthful, rosy tones to the face. But, for many curious clients, they're afraid to give it a try.

Tina Davies tackles lip blushing anxiety head on and has created a new collection of products called I ❤️INK. This collection allows women to try on the pigments before making the commitment and there are 12 modern shades to choose from. When designing the collection, Davies wanted to create a line of products that could fit into a Sephora, appealing to a younger, hipper audience.

It's a creative rebranding of what many have thought cosmetic tattoos to be, giving the process a fresh twist for the new decade.

Not only do these pigments look great, they're built to last. Davies' collection is formulated with the maximum pigment load, ensure clients need fewer touch ups down the road.

The Tina Davies I ❤️INK is available for purchase by licensed professionals on February 14th, stayed tuned in and keep an eye out for microbladers in your area using the collection.