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Everyone (minors and sober people aside) has their favorite liquor. At the very least, they have a least favorite liquor. For me, I'm a tequila gal through and through. My go-to cocktails are margaritas, mojitos and palomas. If I'm going to do a shot, there better be salt and limes at the ready. However, many people in my life have an aversion to tequila—based on past experiences. They can't even get a whiff of the liquor without experiencing some level of gagging. For me, that drink is gin, but it wasn't always that way.

My aversion to gin began about four years ago, while I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy. One evening, I went to an American college bar called The Lion's Fountain with some of my roommates. If you haven't been to this bar, allow me to paint a picture for you. The ceiling and walls are covered in the t-shirts of almost every American college imaginable. The floors are in a permanent state of sticky and many schools are represented with a shot inspired by their colors. This particular night, I'm feeling a bit adventurous and I decide, for fun, to drink beverages with the same letter. This could have gone well if I hadn't picked G—which left me with pints of Guinness and shots of gin. The combination is, as you might have expected, rank and left me with one of the worst hangovers of my entire life. To this day, I can't drink gin without remembering that cursed night.

In honor of the myriad of liquors found at the bar, from vodka to tequila to whiskey to rum, take a look at 50 tattoos from talented artists around the world. Then let us know your drink of choice (or your least favorite liquor) in the comments section on social media. Bottoms up!