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There were many YouTuber's who gained the attention of the mainstream media for viral content in 2018, from Shane Dawson to Jeffree Star, however the web star on everyone's lips was Logan Paul. Logan Paul is a vlogger with over 18 million followers on the platform who caused one of the biggest online controversies in YouTube history. 


On December 31st of 2017, Paul published a video to his YouTube channel of his trip to Japan. In the video, he visited Aokigahara, which is a forest at the base of Mount Fuji. This forest is known internationally as "the suicide forest," as it is one of the most prevalent suicide locations in the world. The Japanese government has taken measures to prevent suicides in Aokigahara over the years, posting signs encouraging people to seek help and not take their own lives. The country has also made attempts to stop publicizing deaths in Aokigahara, to decrease the forest's association with suicide. 

However, despite the cultural sensitivity surrounding Aokigahara and the suicides that occur within the forest, Paul made the decision to film a video there and went as far as to show footage of a recently deceased person in the vlog. The video went viral almost immediately, gaining 6.3 million views in the first 24-hours. But, as you might imagine, the public's perception of this video was extremely negative and Paul received backlash from both celebrities, politicians and YouTube itself. 

On January 10th, Paul was removed from YouTube's Google Preferred network and he was cut from an upcoming YouTube Red series. The video has had a significant impact on Paul's career and changed the course of YouTube history in a major way.


While Paul initially took a hiatus from publishing content, he continued to put out videos in 2018 and gained major recognition after fighting fellow vlogger KSI in London. This fight was a big first for Paul and YouTube, making history upon it's release. But, this wasn't the only big first Paul experienced in 2018. 

At the tail end of 2018, Paul's brother Jake posted a tweet exclaiming that the controversial vlogger was getting his first tattoo while on a trip to Miami, Florida. Jake Paul, a major player on YouTube in his own right, has a number of tattoos on his body, while his older brother Logan had abstained from ink over the years.

However, with the guidance of his younger brother, Paul got his first tattoo and documented the process on his Instagram story. And while we expected the vlogger to get something ridiculous, we were stunned to see that he decided on a design from Japanese culture.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 10.00.14 AM

Take a look at the video below to see Logan Paul's first tattoo in action, then let us know your thoughts on the piece in the comments section on Facebook.