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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge nerd for anything and everything Marvel, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While there have been hundreds of amazing characters to grace the over 40 MCU shows and movies, no character has more of a devoted fan base than one Loki Laufeyson, as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. While the character originally made their comic debut in 1962, it’s 2011's "Thor" that put Loki on the map as a character audiences couldn’t get enough of.

For over a decade, Hiddleston has molded the MCU’s Loki into a three-dimensional anti-hero rather than a cartoonish villain, giving the character depth previously only reserved for title characters while still retaining the mischievous nature the character is best known for. It’s a tough act to pull, and Hiddleston does it, wait for it, Marvel-lously. As an audience, we have seen Loki come into his own after starting his timeline in Thor’s shadow. While there are arguably better methods to deal with the feeling of abandonment, such as therapy, they’re not quite as exciting as helping a death-loving Titan bent on destroying half the world by attacking New York City with the aid of an alien army or achieving a heel-face turn by teaming up with Thor to prevent their sister, Hela, from causing Ragnarok. Loki has been on both sides of the hero-villain scale, but that’s the character’s appeal, though is in the end, the only interest Loki has, is for himself.

Despite a few on-screen deaths, Loki, much like a phoenix, keeps rising from the ashes. Fans’ requests for more were finally answered when Loki premiered on Disney + earlier this June. The series has possibly everything I believe anyone could possibly ask for in one show: the mystery of D.B. Cooper, Time Travel, and Owen Wilson with grey hair. While the first season is still airing, the show has already been lit for season two, meaning we don’t have to say goodbye to the Norse God anytime soon, and that means I can continue to pine after Loki, hopefully, until the end of time.

While we patiently wait each Wednesday for new episodes to unravel the timeline, here are the best Loki tattoos we could find that celebrate the God of Mischief in all his glory. Let us know what Marvel character you wish had their own show on social media.