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The palms are a tricky area to tattoo and to endure as an client. Palm skin is very different than other parts of the body and because it's constantly in motion, a tattoo needs to be applied in a specific way in order for the tattoo to hold. When tattooing a palm, you need to stick to bold, black images with large amounts of open space. In general, large and legible designs that have a heavy outline are your best bet.

And if you're looking for a palm tattoo from one of the industry's experts, look no further than Luke Ashley. Ashley specializes in bulletproof palm tattoos and if you're able to travel to his shop in London, you can walk away with some seriously badass new mitts. If you're not already sold, take a look at his work for yourself in the gallery below and then let us know if you'd dare get your palms tattooed in the comments section.