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Mac Miller's family has announced that they are ready to release the last album the artist recorded— Circles, the sister to Miller's previous album Swimming, will be released on January 17th

Miller passed away from an accidental overdose in 2018, but was loved for the fact that the rap Miller produced was emotional and raw. He wasn't afraid to be sad in his music—rarely worried about coming off as "soft," and younger generations are able to identify easily with the struggles in his songs. He brought a different sound and style to the industry, but passed away before Circles was able to be completed.

Swimming was released a month before the rapper's death, as Circles was being recorded with Jon Brion. Brion spent his time finishing Circles in Miller's name, and the album is finally ready for release on January 17th. Miller's family says that the decision was difficult, but ultimately would have been what the artist wanted. 

The release of Circles follows the posthumous 2019 Grammy nomination of Swimming for best rap album—and while it's sad Mac isn't here to see his work take off, fans are ecstatic for one last new album.

Circles will be released on the 17th, two days before the singer's 27th birthday.