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Holy macaroni! 

Pasta is one of the most beloved of all foods, and for good reason. It's delicious, cheap and pretty much the first thing everybody learns to cook for themselves. And of the dozens (if not hundreds) of varieties of pasta, macaroni may be the most revered of them all. 

The short little tubes—often with a little curve in them—have proven themselves to be incredibly versatile over the ages. Macaroni works wonderfully in a typical red sauce like all of its pasta brethren, but have you ever had Kraft linguini and cheese? No, and there's a reason for that—it would be weird. OK, maybe the reason it would be weird is that we have come to accept macaroni over the years, but that's because macaroni is quite literally the perfect pasta for this type of dish. 

Macaroni are small by definition, so you can fit a bunch of them per forkful which is ideal for the proper enjoyment of mac n' cheese. Macaroni also happens to be a tube, which when dealing with something like gooey cheese is an ideal asset to have on your side. It's also super easy to package into a box, which I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Kraft appreciate. 

While the idea of pasta and cheese is an Italian invention, many Italians may look at the American version of mac n' cheese as a complete bastardization, which is fair. Many purists would frown upon any food that shows up in a cardboard box with a squeeze packet filled with semi-gelatinous cheese substance (or, even worse, a powder), and I understand that. But mac n' cheese is such a stable for the notoriously picky eaters known as "children" as well as for adults scraping by on a shoestring budget. Quite simply, macaroni nourished us during some pretty trying times, so it shouldn't be a surprise that people have honored the humble pasta in the form of tattoos. 

Try not to drool on yourself while reading this article, then reward yourself with a nice heaping serving of macaroni.