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On December 21st, 2018 the post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box was released onto Netflix and almost instantaneously captured the attention of all of social media. The film stars Sandra Bullock, a woman fighting to survive in a world where supernatural entities make people commit suicide if they see them. And while Bullock's character is the primarily protagonist and focus on the film, we're introduced to several secondary characters battling the demons blindfolded along the way.


One of these characters is Felix, a young man who lives in the safe house Bullock inhabits for several months. And if you thought this tattooed actor looked familiar, well he's none other than two time INKED cover model Machine Gun Kelly. 


Machine Gun Kelly, born Richard Colson Baker is a 28-year-old actor and rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. He's released three studio albums as a solo artist, each topping the Billboard charts and earning a Billboard Music Award nomination for Top Rap Collaboration back in 2017. 


As an actor, Kelly made his debut in 2014's Beyond the Lights—which earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song and helped Kelly to earn a recurring role in the 2016 Showtime television series Roadies. However, it's safe to say that the recognition and acclaim Kelly and the cast received from Bird Box has taken his career as an actor to an even higher level.


So whether Kelly becomes an A-list actor in the next five years or decides to put in 110% into his music career, we'll always be able to say that he got a boost covering INKED—not once, but twice. What do you think about Kelly's role in Bird Box? Do you prefer him an an actor or a rapper? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.