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Maddie Ziegler has been on television since she was 8 years old, which means that audiences have literally watched her grow up. The trappings of fame and being under the microscope means that Ziegler hasn't had what anybody would consider to be a normal childhood, but over the weekend she participated in a ritual that countless teenagers across the world have experienced—getting their first tattoo on their 18th birthday. 

Of course, the experience for Ziegler was a little different than it was for you and me. She didn't have to save all of her money from a summer job before going to a street shop and getting the tattoo from whoever's turn it was to do the next walk-in. Ziegler was able to get her first tattoo from the sought-after Dr. Woo. And she didn't need to save up because the tattoo was a birthday present from celebrity makeup artist Tonya Brewer. 

Dr. Woo—a master of fine line/single needle tattooing—tattooed the name "Frances" on Ziegler's ribs. Why Frances? That's the name of Ziegler's grandmother, who she was especially close with. 

While most of us desperately want to cover up the tattoos we got at 18, Ziegler went about things in a way where she'll never have those regrets. She did her research, chose the perfect artist and ended up with a tattoo that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Hats off to you, Maddie. May you be an example to a whole generation of kids about to get their first tattoo.