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In December of 2020, Madonna revealed her very first tattoo to the world. At 62, Madonna decided to pop her tattoo cherry, getting the initials of her six children on her wrist at the legendary Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

Not even six months later, she's gone back in for her second piece. Madonna, we say it every time, once you get your first tattoo, you're hooked and just keep going back for more!

This time, Madonna chose to pay homage to her music, getting an "X" on her wrist for her 2019 album, "Madam X," as well as the late rapper DMX. Madonna took to Instagram to showcase the tattoo, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the process. Madonna went to tattoo artist Robbie Ra for this piece and in the video, she remarks on the experience:

“Does everyone get really f—ked up when they get tattoos so they don’t, like, feel anything? Should I drink more wine?" says Madonna. “Even if I complain, don’t feel like you have to stop. Because I’m used to people hurting me and I’m also used to being in pain.”

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