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During the 1980s, Madonna was the poster girl of teenage rebellion. Madonna had a perfect song to accompany every act of defiance a young girl could do—dating men from the wrong side of the tracks, discovering sexuality, rejecting a religious upbringing, etc. 

That's not quite true, there's one act that she didn't do. Much to the surprise of many, including this writer, Madonna never got a tattoo.... until now. 

On Monday night, the 62-year-old goddess of pop finally got inked for the very first time. Unsurprisingly, Madonna did things the right way for her first tattoo as she visited the legendary Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood. 

The fineline lettering on her wrist was tattooed by East Iz, who specializes in single-needle designs. For Madonna, he inked the initials of her 6 children (Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Stelle and Estere) on her left wrist. 

Madonna documented the entire process on her Instagram post above—from meeting with Iz to discuss the piece to looking around the iconic tattoo studio to showing off the final product. She even included a picture of the sweet ride she took to get inked, which couldn't possible be more fitting for the occasion. 

We've waited a very long time to welcome her into our little society of tattooed people, our Isla Bonita, if you will. We've always thought Madonna was a Beautiful Stranger, but now that she has used a tattoo to Express Yourself we are Crazy For You. She's been on the cover of Vogue before, and I'd say there's a Borderline chance that if we pay an homage to our Lucky Star (an homage is Like a Prayer, if you didn't know) she'll be on the next cover of Inked. And if she isn't, well, Don't Cry for Me, Argentina. Uh... Papa Don't Preach! 

Honestly, we love the new tattoo and we can't wait to see what she adds next. Because even if she did wait over six decades to get that first one, we all know the next one is bound to show up any day now.