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Over the years, we've noticed a number of couples use tattoos as part of a marriage proposal. Last year, a tattoo artist inked himself and then allowed his lady to check yes or no to a proposal. And then we have the tattoo proposal that went viral on the MTV show How Far is Tattoo Far, where a man proposed to his girlfriend with a tattoo on HER body. 

However, this tattoo proposal may have been the craziest one yet and you'll have to wait and see where the ink was on the body.


A man named Dustin Marshall decided to propose to his girlfriend Lindsey, and because she was expecting it, he decided to go for a very creative method of popping the question.


The pair share a tuxedo cat named Pinky, whom they both adore. So, Marshall decided to get a tattoo of their cat with the pun-y phrase "Will You Marry Meow?" tattooed on his right buttock. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.20.14 AM

Marshall had a plan to show off his bum in order to pop the question, as explained in an interview with LADbible:

"To reveal my bum tattoo, I had to on purpose get seven-balled at pool in my neighbours' bar in their back garden," he said.

"Down came my pants, everyone cheered and Lindsey, my fiancé put her face right in there so she could read the question. This gave my friend Danny time to give me the ring he had stashed and I presented to her as she came up from reading my bum."

cat proposal fb

And luckily for Marshall, his lady was thrilled by the tattoo and accepted his proposal. What do you think about this clever way to pop the question? Would you be bold enough to get a tattoo for a marriage proposal? Share your thoughts, opinions and questions on this story in the comments section on Facebook.