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It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that a divided nation actually agreed upon a singular truth—we all love "Baby Yoda." 

The national fixation on Baby Yoda (who is actually called The Child) may have taken away from how tremendous the first season of "The Mandalorian" really was. 

In many ways, this series marked the return to the feel and ethos of the original trilogy we've been promised upon the release of every Star Wars movie filmed since "Return of the Jedi." None of those movies quite delivered what was promised, with the exception of JJ Abrams' "The Force Awakens" which only delivered the nostalgia and feel of the older films with none of the heart or storytelling that George Lucas delivered back in '77. "Rogue One" came the closest of the films, but it wasn't quite there. But "The Mandalorian," helmed by Jon Favreau, finally delivered audiences back to the world they'd been dreaming about for as long as they could remember. 

A key part of what made the first season work was the throwback to the western tropes that anchored "A New Hope." The narrative arc of the first season is not unlike a season of space "Gunsmoke." Or perhaps more aptly "True Grit," considering the protective role Mando plays towards a child who at times needs no protecting at all. 

While there was an overarching story told throughout the season, "The Mandalorian" also indulged in standalone episodes that do little to move the main story, but provide a whole hell of a lot of fun and character insight. The sixth episode of the season, "The Prisoner," may just be the best example of a standalone episode working within a season of any show in quite some time. Plus, we got to learn about "Space Boston" thanks to Bill Burr showing up, and we guarantee that the fans of their local pod-racing squadron are fucking insufferable. 

We also tend to overlook the amazing performance Pedro Pascal has delivered throughout the series simply because, well, we NEVER see his face. Yet, you still feel every single emotion Mando is feeling thanks to Pascal's stellar job at both line delivery and body language. 

So, while we "work from home" on this rainy Friday we plan on binging season one before watching the premiere episode of season two of "The Mandalorian." And when we're done doing that, we're probably just going to watch them again because why the hell not? 

Now that we're completely fired up, let's check out some tattoos inspired by "The Mandalorian." We threw a little extra love to Mando since everybody and their mother already has a tattoo of The Child. The world needs way more IG-11 (or for that matter, IG-88) tattoos. So, please, go get one and show it to us on social media. This is the way.