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Margot Robbie is an excellent actress. She was phenomenal in "Bombshell," "I, Tonya" and "Once Upon a Time.... In Hollywood." While the moving was a steaming pile of crap, Robbie was the lone bright spot in "Suicide Squad." So there's no reason to feel bad that she is giving up her fledgling tattoo "career," Robbie is going to be just fine. And to be brutally honest, she was a shit tattooer

Robbie was on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" to promote the upcoming "Birds of Prey," when she told a story about "hanging up her tattoo gun." [Rule number one: It's a machine, not a gun.]

There must have been a lot of boredom on the set of "Suicide Squad," because that's when Robbie started tattooing her friends and coworkers. She tattooed a bunch of emojis on Cara Delevingne's toes. They looked... fine. Then she tattooed "SKWAD" on a bunch of the other actors, including herself. Today the tattoo looks, well, just take a look for yourself. 

What a wonderful tattoo that was totally done by a professional under sanitary conditions.

What a wonderful tattoo that was totally done by a professional under sanitary conditions.

Look, we're going to hand out the same advice to Robbie as we would to a drunk college kid who just ordered their first tattoo kit off of Amazon—leave tattooing to the professionals. If you want to learn how to tattoo, properly, go ahead and do it. But if you're going to be running a tattoo assembly line every time you get drunk with a bunch of your friends, it's going to be bad news for everyone. A bad tattoo could be the least of your concerns—we're talking infections that could easily happen if your tattooer hasn't had proper training in dealing with bloodborne pathogens. 

So, thankfully, for all of us, Robbie's tattooing days are behind her. She'll just have to stick to being unspeakably beautiful and, if Sunday goes as she hopes, having an Oscar on her mantle next to the retired tattoo MACHINE.