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Here at Inked, federal law mandates that if we go longer than a month between articles focusing on Post Malone's face tattoos that we will be shut down. Discussing his facial art has become a cottage industry in and of itself, and who are we to fight against that. 

Monday night, Mark Wahlberg was on "The Late Late Show With James Corden" to promote the upcoming Netflix film "Spenser Confidential." Post Malone is making his film debut in the feature, so naturally, the subject of his tattoos came up. Wahlberg pulled the rapper aside to give him some unsolicited tattoo advice. 

Now, Wahlberg may have had nothing but the best intentions when he shared his tale of painful tattoo removal with Post Malone, but there are two things he should have considered first. 

1. How condescending it is whenever someone older says "Hey, when I was your age I made this mistake, you'll regret it too." This conversation has never gone well, no matter the subject matter, but it usually goes especially poorly when discussing tattoos. People understand the commitment they are making when they get a tattoo. Given his recent comments in GQ, Post Malone definitely understands the choice. 

2. Mark Wahlberg has some of the worst tattoos in the history of tattooed celebrities. We're talking comically bad. There's the poorly done Bob Marley portrait. The rosary beads around his neck. The... we actually can't tell what the hell this thing is. Thoughts? 

I guess this is a wolf? 

I guess this is a wolf? 

Is it a wolf? An off-brand Wile E Coyote? A rabid Chip or Dale? Woof. That is one horrid tattoo. And we haven't even gotten to the coup de grace—the MW on his upper arm. 

Wahlberg had his own frickin' name tattooed on his arm. Was he going to forget his name? I'm guessing not. Although he had previously gone by Marky Mark, so perhaps he was close to forgetting his last name, hence it being included not only as an initial, but also written in the middle. Ooooof. 

Look, it's not that we're hating on Wahlberg's tattoos just to hate on them, as fun as that would be. We're saying that maybe he didn't make the best choices when it came to tattoos. Lots of Post Malone's work is very well done, whether or not you think it's a smart thing to tattoo one's face. 

Wahlberg may have come to regret his tattoos as he got older, that doesn't mean that Post Malone will.