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My earliest introduction into the world of extreme body modification came through the documentary "Modify." One of the scenes from the film that's stuck with me for years was an explanation of body modification as a spectrum. Everyone in the world falls on the body modification spectrum, whether they're at the very beginning by only modifying their body with a haircut, somewhere in the middle with a small and hidden tattoo or towards the end with subdermal horn implants.

However, everyone's spectrum is unique to them based on their culture, personal values and experiences—meaning that what may be extreme to some is normal for another. Here's an example for context. When I was a freshman in college, I started getting a few small tattoos, stretching my ears and dying my hair crazy colors. To my parents, who were pretty conservative, I was pushing my body modifications to the extreme. Yet, to me, I was immersing myself in the culture of body modification and saw what I did as completely normal.

This means that everyone has their own idea of what normal looks like, including tattoo collector Mary Magdalene. Magdalene's look may be extreme to most of the world, but, after entering the world of exotic dancing many years ago, it's become her new normal and she has been striving for the plastic fantastic look ever since. I caught up with Magdalene to learn about her unusual quest for extreme beauty and to gain an understanding of why she's chosen to go down this path.

What was your upbringing like and what was your first memory seeing people with body modifications?

I was brought up in a very strict and Christian household, which in hindsight, I think it pushed me to be more rebellious. I have always been intrigued by body mods, starting with tattoos because I saw my older brothers getting them and I thought they looked really cool. I got my first tattoo when I was 17 and I first thought about getting plastic surgery at age 14.

What was your first tattoo and what was that experience like?

My first tattoo was at age 17. I got turned away by the artist that I really wanted to go to because she said I was too young, so I ended up settling for a not so ideal tattoo artist. It's definitely not the best tattoo, but I love all my tattoos even my shitty ones.

Prior to undergoing surgeries and becoming heavily tattooed, you were a model. What made you change the way you looked?

Once I started exotic dancing, my perception of beauty started to change. Prior to dancing, I thought overfilled lips and implants were ugly and it wasn’t long after I began dancing that I fell in love with that overdone look. Seeing big tits and lips in the flesh was unreal, I thought it looked so slutty and sexy. I never imagined I would change as much as I have, but I couldn’t be happier with my progress and I'm excited to keep transforming myself.

Take me through the different procedures you’ve had and which ones had the most intense recovery.


-Three Brazilian butt lifts

-Arm, thigh and chin liposuction

-Butt implants

-Three nose jobs

-Lip lift

-Two brow lifts

-Fat transfer to face

-Cheek and lip filler

-Three boob jobs


-Fat transfer to my vagina

My vagina recovery has probably been the most intense. I was dealing with swelling for months after and I'm still dealing with complications even after a second surgery trying to fix the initial complications. However, aesthetically I'm a lot happier than before with my vagina's new chubby appearance.

Take me through getting surgery to achieve the world’s fattest vagina. What does this mean and what did this process entail?

I was going into surgery for a Brazilian butt lift, which is when they take the fat out of your body and inject it into your butt. So I thought I might as well get some of the fat injected into my kitty, since I wanted it fat.

All they do is inject the fat into the outer part of your vagina. Usually, they cut the lips as well, but I didn’t want to do that, so I just got the fat injected. The end result is a very intense camel toe cleavage, which I love!

You call yourself the infamous silicone hottie. Exactly how much silicone is in your body right now?

I couldn’t even tell you, I've lost count. My toes and fingers are natural, everything else is most likely altered.

How do you feel about haters online and how do you respond to the question “What’s going to happen to your body when you’re old?”

I'm thankful for my haters because they are a big reason why I have been able to stop dancing and start my career as an influencer. Them sharing my posts all the time, even if it’s negative, draws so many people to my page which is a currency for me because a majority of my followers turn into subscribers to my website.

The “What’s going to happen to your body when you’re old?” question gets so old. First of all, I’m never going to look old, wrinkly and let myself go because I’m going to keep getting surgery. Look at Dolly Parton and Amanda Lepore, they have barely aged and look better than ever. I will forever look like a bad ass milf, pornstar and biker mom.

Why have you chosen to embrace such an extreme look and what’s your ideal beauty?

I just love tattoos and the “fake” look. It's just what I like and I always go for the things I like and want in life.

The combination of the overdone look and being heavily tattooed seems to be rare, so my ideal beauty is myself. I hope to be fully tattooed within the next couple years. Once I am fully covered in tattoos, I will have reached my goal.

Do you think plastic surgery is addictive and what procedures would you like to have in the future?

Yes, I definitely think plastic surgery is addictive. For me plastic surgery has stopped being a big scary thing. Now it has just become the same as going in for a tattoo. People think that by always getting tattoos and surgeries, you're not happy with yourself, but I'm happy with myself. I just have the money and time to keep changing what I want and when I want.

I have no idea what the future holds for me aesthetically because I like a variety of different looks. I recently got a lip reduction because I'm liking the smaller lip look at the moment. But I know there will be months where I’ll get them bigger again. I'm just going to keep getting whatever procedures I feel like I want at that time. My motto in life is to live in the moment.

What misconceptions do people have about you and what would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

What misconceptions do people have about me? Everything. Regardless of what people look like, I think it’s important to approach everyone with an open mind and not to put them in a box based on their physical appearance. If more people approached others with an open mind, I think they would realize we all have so much more in common than they think.

I'm not a party girl. I'm introverted,I hate clubbing and anything involving large crowds. I have extreme social anxiety. I'm adventurous and love nature. I have a hippie soul trapped in inside an alien plastic bimbo body.