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Ever since being fired amidst a sexual assault scandal, former NBC "Today" anchor Matt Lauer has been kept a relatively low profile. Then, Lauer resurfaced this past week to write an opinion piece in Mediaite attacking Ronan Farrow, the journalist whose work was responsible for bringing the sexual assault allegations against Lauer to light. 

We're not going to go into any of that, that's clearly not what we do here are Inked. The reason we brought any of this up was to give a little backstory to the tattoo that Lauer now has on his inner forearm. 

Normally, we like to refrain from putting people on blast when they get shitty tattoos. My mom taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say, I should only talk about it quietly amongst friends, not use a massive media platform to call them out. OK, maybe that's not her exact words, but you get the point. But in the case of Mr. Lauer, we're making an exception. Cause that tattoo SUCKS.

To begin with, it takes a cryptologist to decipher what the script actually says, which is already a major strike against the tattoo. When it comes to script tattoos there is a fine line between artistic script that may be a little difficult to read because it isn't the block letters we're used to, and poorly done script that is illegible because it sucks, not because of art. This tattoo fits firmly in the latter category. 

The quote says, "Hatred corrodes the container its carried in." In a vacuum, that's a perfectly fine sentiment. But when you consider Lauer's history, it opens up a whole can of worms. Either he got the tattoo to remind himself not to hate the people who outed his behavior and caused his downfall, or it's to affirm his potential believe that it was haters who brought him down with false allegation. It's a pretty toxic and gross sentiment to think about when you put it in context.  

Regardless of what you think about Matt Lauer or the allegations against him, this is a fucking wretched tattoo. If it turns out that it was a stick-and-poke that he did on himself, using his non-dominant hand to make the tattoo, maybe it would be an excusable tattoo. 

Nah, no it wouldn't. Lauer is a multimillionaire, get a cover-up, stat.