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Way back in 1977, a little film called "Star Wars" opened up in theaters all around the country. Nobody thought that it would amount to much, it was just a silly science fiction film being dropped in the era of auteur cinema. Spoiler Alert: It was a bit of a hit. 

George Lucas' magnum opus wasn't just a fun and exciting movie, it was a marketing behemoth unlike anything ever seen before. There were Star Wars toys, lunchboxes, sleeping bags, vitamins, cereal, Atari games... pretty much everything but a flamethrower. 

Not only did the film capture the imagination of multiple generations, but it launched a slew of sequels, prequels and side projects, some of which are beloved, others reviled. 

The Star Wars universe has also spawned thousands of tattoos over the years. The author of this very post has a relatively janky Imperial insignia tattooed on his arm. In honor of May the Fourth we've decided to compile this collection of tattoos featuring the best characters in the Star Wars Universe. None of these tattoos are fillers, you won't find any lame droids or forgettable bounty hunters here, just the characters that you love with all of your heart. 

Enjoy this collection of the best tattoos inspired by that galaxy far, far away. 

OK, before you try to force choke this author from wherever you are reading this, we just wanted to have a little fun on this May the Fourth. We've done so many Star Wars tattoo posts in the past that, honestly, they all kind of blend together at this point. So this time around we went the April Fools' Day route. When I started to put this article together I turned to my coworker and said, "Yousa think people are gonna die?" She wisely told mesa to shut up. How wude. 

Please don't hate us. We truly love Star Wars and all of you, but we couldn't help ourselves. Next year we'll play things straight, we promise. 

And May the Force be with you... always.