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2019 is the 15 year anniversary of one of the most beloved teen movies of all time, Mean Girls, which celebrates its national holiday on October 5th. Mean Girls was released on April 30th, 2004 and was written by SNL alumni, Tina Fey. It starred Lindsay Lohan as new girl Cady Heron and Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried as the most popular girls in school, a.k.a. the Plastics. The film became an instant cult classic, spawning meme worthy quotes long before memes were part of the cultural vernacular. Today, fans of the film continue to celebrate its legacy by getting permanent tattoos signifying some of the best one liners and catch phrases. Take a peek at 35 of our favorite tattoos inspired by the movie Mean Girls in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.