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All season long, artists battled it out for the opportunity to make it to the finale of Ink Master's season 11 finale. However, in the end, it was Teej Poole, Tony Medellin and Tiffer Wright who made it all the way. Last night, the final three battled it out and in the end, one artist and one coach walked away with the grand title. Let's take a look at last night's tattoos and see who was crowned Ink Master in the end.

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Following the tradition of past Ink Master finales, the final three artists were tasked with a live six-hour tattoo on stage. However, this time around they collaborated with their coaches on a design that had been chosen by their competitors. 

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Tony and Cleen were assigned a skull/girl morph for their live tattoo. The judges loved their tattoo, complimenting the juxtaposition and finesse of the piece. Nuñex even said that the piece looked like it had been completed by one artist.

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Next up, there was Teej and Christian's Japanese dragon. Peck was quick to compliment the piece, calling it the best Japanese dragon that an artist had completed on the show. Although the piece was small, the judges were impressed by the color saturation and amount of linework in the tattoo.

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Lastly, there was the lion head completed by Tiffer and Cleen. Navarro loved the image that the pair chose, while Nuñez argued that the color values in the face could have been bumped up. 

In the end, the season's former contestants got to decided one of the contestants who would make it to the top two and they selected Teej. Based only on their tag-team tattoos, the judges decided that Tiffer's tattoo didn't make the final cut—with Tony and Teej advancing to the top two.

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The coaches were tasked with completing a 35-hour tattoo prior to the finale. Christian's piece could not be a back piece or a chest piece, and it also couldn't be realism or black-and-grey. He opted for a color new school leg sleeve that featured a gothic full-body pin-up, rats and a skull. 

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Cleen on the other hand was not able to do back piece or a new school tattoo—instead opting for a "Cleen Rock One" style cobra and skull that spanned the chest, full side and thigh of his client. 

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Although he did not advance to the final two, we still got a peek of Tiffer's master canvas. Tiffer's 35-hour master canvas loved the illustrative quality and application of the tattoo. Nuñez complimented the shape of the piece, however he critiqued the color saturation of the bear itself. 

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Teej's 35-hour master canvas wowed the judges with the detail and textures of the piece. Nuñez wished that there was more texture in the helmet, however he agreed that the piece was one hell of a back piece.

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Tony's 35-hour master canvas impressed the judges with the bold color saturation and the application of the linework. The judges argued that this was the strongest tattoo they'd seen from Tony all season.

While it was a tight battle between Teej and Tony, the judges favored Tony's tattoos in the end. It was also a close race between Cleen and Christian's work, but in the end the judges agreed that Cleen deserved to win the Grudge Match in the end. Hey, I guess fourth time's the charm?

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In the end, both Tony and Cleen impressed the judges with their work to take home the final titles. What do you think about the results of the Ink Master season 11 finale? Do you think that the judges made the right decision? What do you think about the tattoos displayed on the finale stage? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.