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Sports fans very rarely agree on anything. Arguments are half the fun. Based on who you grew up rooting for, and when you grew up, fans all have different ideas as to who was the best. When you're talking about the NBA, fans get really passionate about their beloved basketball. That's what makes it so interesting that now, thanks to the absence of actual competition, seemingly every NBA fan has become a fan of the '97-'98 Chicago Bulls.

OK, that's not exactly true. Pistons, Jazz and Knicks fans probably still despise that final championship team led by Michael Jordan. But everybody, and I mean everybody, has been watching "The Last Dance" every Sunday night on ESPN. The documentary tells the story of the Jordan-era Bulls with a focus on that final championship run. 

For some of us—including this writer who grew up outside Chicago and was in attendance as Jordan dropped 35 against the Hornets during the second round of the playoffs—the documentary is a feel-good nostalgia experience. For many others, particularly younger sports fans, the series is a way to learn all about the greatest basketball player of all time. (Feel free to argue with me about this on our social channels) 

The reason so many people are enthralled by "The Last Dance" is that it gives us a chance to hear from Jordan directly. It sounds very weird to say this, but despite being one of the most recognizable human beings on this planet, much of Jordan's life is still a mystery. He's an incredibly private person who never really shared that much of himself with the media over the years. Seeing him reminisce about old games—or fume over old grudges—is a new experience for fans, and incredibly enjoyable. Sure, the footage had to be approved by Jordan before being released, so it's not a completely unbiased documentary, but we're not complaining. It's sports. And we desperately need those. 

As we were re-watching last nights episodes we through together this gallery of Michael Jordan tattoos. Enjoy.  

We have to end with a Crying Jordan tattoo. The fact that somebody got this meme tattooed on them brings great joy to my heart.