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The state of Michigan is legalizing recreational use of marijuana, and you can expect to be able to shop starting as soon as April 2020.

About a year ago, voters in Michigan decided to vote for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana- the vote passed with 57% of voters voting yes on recreational use. But, that doesn't mean that people are now able to just go buy weed. 

Medical marijuana stores began filing paperwork for recreational licensing in early November, and sales are expected to begin in April or May of 2020. Due to the expected influx of sales, this delay is hopefully going to allow for more crops to be grown to prevent a lack of resources for those who use pot medically. 

Smokers aren't the only people benefiting from this change either, as recreational stores are going to be easier to open than medical stores. Medical marijuana stores are held to higher standards and have to prove far more financial stability than recreational stores will now need to show. Ultimately, the recreational ruling will make things far easier for marijuana consumers and sellers. 

And yes, Michigan based venues and shows are allowed to file for permission to have marijuana smoking on-premise. BRB checking if Snoop has any upcoming shows in Michigan.