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Nothing brightens my day like coming home after a long day of work and seeing my pet greeting me at the door. Pets bring so much light, laughter and love into our lives—so it's no wonder we want to immortalize our favorite four legged friends through tattoos. 

Pet tattoos are among the most common requests in the tattoo world and there are plenty of ways to go about interpreting a client's beloved dog or cat. One of the most prevalent styles in the last few years has been micro pet portraits and might we say, these tattoos are just too cute. 

There are dozens and dozens of artists from around the world who can turn your pet photograph into a stunning micro portrait tattoo. Honestly, you wouldn't believe the talent out there if we told you, therefore we just have to show you.

We've gathered together 75 of the most spectacular and adorable micro pet tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the globe. Take a look at these sensational designs and let us know if you'd get a micro portrait for your furry best buddy in the comments section on social media. Now, without further adieu, bring on the pets!