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Meet Mikki Modified, also known as Michelle DiDonato. She's a South Florida based entrepreneur, tattoo artist, and model who's also a mom of three. Over the years, she's drastically transformed her appearance and has covered the majority of her body in eye catching ink.

Perhaps DiDonato's most notable tattoos are her eyeballs, which are colored a vibrant shade of pink. She also has a number of large face tattoos and frequently accentuates her avant garde apperance with bold makeup and hairstyles.

However, her pink eyeballs are not the most shocking tattoos on her body. Believe it or not, but another piece tops (or in this case, bottoms) her neon peepers. And that's her butt tattoo, which reads "Eat Shit" in elegant filigree.

Although the phrase itself, while somewhat vulgar, is nothing to get flustered over, we can't help but raise our eyebrows about where the tattoo is placed and what images that puts into our mind. But, we're the last person to yuck someone else's yums.

What do you think of this collector's tattoos? Would you get your booty tattooed? What about your eyeballs? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.