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We've officially lost count of Miley Cyrus's divorce tattoos. Since splitting with husband Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus has been on a tattoo bender and has collected several impressive pieces. Over the weekend, she added two more tattoos to her collection—the first of which is on her hand.

Cyrus visited Los Angeles artist Winterstone for a tattoo to proclaim her "Freedom," getting the word written in elegant script on top of her right hand. The tattoo references her new song "Mother's Daughter," which contains the line "Don't fuck with my freedom."

For her second tattoo of the night, Cyrus got the quote "I'm proud of u," which was written to her by Yoko Ono. Cyrus got the script written in Ono's own handwriting and sits on the singer's shoulder blade.

What do you think about Miley's new ink? Would you get a single needle tattoo? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.